Saturday, September 12, 2009

I Can Be Your Hero Baby

was the theme for Corey's birthday party in Idaho. Jenny and I picked him up in McMinnville, OR on one of our adventures and took him to Moscow with us. The theme was "I Can be Your Hero Baby" and people were supposed to dress up as their favorite Superhero. Below are: Kelsi as Hermione Granger, Me as "Super Wine-y", Melanie as Superwoman, and Jenny as Guitar Hero. Other guests included Hulk, Catwoman, Watchmen, Transformers etc.
I also found my hand twin at the party. Amanda SAYS her hand is alittle bigger...I'm not so sure! I think I finally found someone with hands as small as mine. For this superhero dinner we had Cyclops Spaghetti with Juggernaut Meatballs, Mr. Fantastic Stretchy Spinach Dip, Poison Ivy Veggies, Hulk Basil Pesto, Bruschetta Broiled with Spiderman Web, Captain America and Wonderwoman Fruit pizza (I forgot blueberries), Green Lantern Jello, and Scuba Steve Jello Cups.

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