Thursday, September 10, 2009

One In Every Color-Legos

When we went to Disneyland and had dinner in Downtown Disney, we passed the Lego store. All the new colors are sooo cool!I really liked the bins where you could pick and choose your own pieces to make your own pack. My favorite were the pieces of picket fence!
I also saw this sign in Downtown Disney and it seemed like such a "One In Every Color."
This last sign is for Cindy who is quite the littlemissmatched promoter! I've really grown attatched to the technology socks they sell.


Neola said...

Cool! You and your colors:))
I never made it to the Lego Store:(

Anonymous said...

HAND TWIN! What is this an episode of Stienfeld? You are so funny. Life is like one episode of Stienfeld right after the other.

live a colorful life said...

I loved all the beautiful colors you posted. A Little Mismatched Store?? I.must.go.there.