Monday, September 20, 2010

Drive Me Crazy

I have encountered more distinctively bad drivers here in Colorado Springs than anywhere else. Its driving me nuts. On the way home Friday one woman turned right in front of 3 cars who had the right of way (me included)  making an unprotected turn and then had the nerve to honk at US halfway through her turn while we were all stopped in the middle of the intersection to let crazy through. Well she sort of just went and we stopped to avoid having to deal with her in the future.

Also on Friday crazy white SUV made a dead stop in the fast lane during rush hour. Dead stop people, no warning, tapping of the breaks, nothing. Then they proceed to drive onto the median as if making a u-turn. Really?!

Also, yesterday Luke makes a right turn onto a busy road yesterday. The oncoming car sped up and changed lanes to give him a dirty look as though we cut him off. They SPED up?! Then over a hundred feet from the light they stop dead, yell at each other a bit and then in a very bad driver sort of way the move into the left hand turn lane. Yes, THEY disrupted the whole flow of traffic. Yes Luke and I exclaimed loudly at just how ridiculous they were.

Ugh. I'm about to drive to work. Let hope the crazies all stayed in bed this morning?

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Grandma G said...

Yikes! And it wasn't even a full moon. Be careful out there!