Thursday, September 2, 2010

Which home team?

Way back in August (okay last month) we went to see the Fresno Grizzlies play the Colorado Springs Skysox. It was a sunny day! Luke and took advantage of free parking down the road. Check out these cheery flowers! This is as close to your flower photos as I get Grandma G!
We watched the game in good fun! I ate two hot dogs and a caramel chocolate covered apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.
Then around the 6th or 7th inning it started to rain. Sigh.
Sometimes you can wait it out and the weather will change, but when it started to rain harder the fans started to really jump ship!
We found a spot under cover to watch the rest of the game, and hoped they might still do fireworks. No such luck. It kept raining.
So we walked to our further away parking. In the rain. Luke says it wasn't cold. It was. Very cold.
Just in case you're wondering the Skysox won this game. I guess its okay since they're both my teams. Well more the Grizzlies to be fair.

Ps. Luke's work has offered him a spot for next summer that may or may not include a promotion. This is a HUGE compliment! Especially because they're hosting the women's open! So far the plan is to head back to Fresno where I will finish up my credential (3 semesters Spring 2011, Fall 2011, Spring 2012). (I still have a scholarship there, and I would have to go waaaaay backward if I change to Colorado's program. Plus California doesn't accept Colorado's credential straight off it I want to switch.) Luke will come back to "the Springs" in April, I will join him after my friends wedding in May, and head back to Fresno in August before school. He will join me at the end of the season back in Fresno. Whew. Complicated. Though its a pretty okay situation. I know a lot of other married golf pros have much messier situations.


Grandma G said...

Very pretty flowers! Wild sunflowers, in fact. I won't tell anybody that in some places they're known as weeds. :)

That ballgame is why I can't figure out why MN's new open Target Field stadium was built to replace the Metrodome. A group from here went up to watch their first-ever game there (a 4-hr drive)... and it got rained out. Oh well, what do I care? I have no plans to ever go there, anyway. :)

I hope all your future plans work out well!

JHRME said...

Those wild sunflowers are probably known as weeds here too. But on a long walk through a boring field, they're just the nice suprise in the middle of nowhere! Ill take em over thorny things in my side any day!