Saturday, September 11, 2010

What a peach!

Pie that is. Luke's mom sent us home with a plethora of very ripe peaches! So, I decided to make pies with B! (And freeze some.)
I made crust with cream cheese and butter this time. Let me tell you folks, while I'm still no Jane Harms or Tracy Neufield, THAT is the way to go. The flavor is, YUM!
B really likes taking pictures and these two from his perspective crack me up.
B helped me fill the pies making sure to get just the right balance of white and yellow peaches!
And maybe a few escaped to his mouth...

And one more of B's photography!

*The recipe for the crust I used can be found here:*
I added a bit of milk and B added a bit of ice cold water so I could "fork" it to the side of the bowl. Otherwise it was pretty crumbly.


Tracy said...

Your crust looks just wonderful! I wish I could try a piece right now. Can you mail me one?? :)

Grandma G said...

Aww... sweet! And where is the recipe for that pie crust?