Thursday, September 30, 2010

Quilt Camp Keola 2010

I took a big trip to CA to get some stuff arranged for school and to take care of family stuff. One of those family stuff things included celebrating Val's birthday! (With our chosen sisters!)

The weekend was spent up at Huntington Lake, CA primarily to take my mom's ashes to their final resting place (with my family <see here for my dad's post>) but the nice perk was that I got to hang out with these wonderful women!
 I wish I could say that I got a ton done but I had some major sinus issues and mostly just sat there(I did a little knitting). It was nice to be there with my friends (and family) though!

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Grandma G said...

I didn't have anything to comment until I was looking at the bottom pic and spied some familiar-looking fabric. That must be 'your' bag, huh? :)

Oh, and for sinus problems/allergies, check this out: Nasopure. I've been using it for about a year, and I've never had such a good year of breathing! :) It also prevents and/or nips colds in the bud, too! Give it a try!