Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hootin' Hollerin' Good Time

I flew into Fresno Jan 5th. I had to wait in Phoenix for too many hours because there was fog in Fresno. Blah. As the captain announced we were beginning our decent I looked out the window and thought, "It's too beautiful for a fog delay." I looked down and saw the ocean of clouds lapping at the mountains. Oooooh. Ick. My mood sank with the plane as we lowered into the gray that has persisted since I landed.
 On the bright side, I sat next to a man in charge of growing pistachios, tomatoes, and asparagus of all things. I LOVE asparagus. He told me about harvesting it. He also said I have about a month and a half/two months to wait before the local, tender shoots will be in season. Sigh. BUT ya know what IS in season? Or REALLY close....Aunt Maggie's Citrus! YUUUUUM! You can't find citrus like this anywhere else folks. Or at least not in Idaho or Colorado. I like it best at the beginning of the season when its still pretty tart.
 Matt came into town the day after I did. He and Val put together one of their Christmas presents. A gingerbread house. It's sort of their tradition. It's the funnest thing to listen to/watch.

 Another day on his visit, I heard them hootin' and hollerin' about SOMETHING. I stuck my head out my room and this is what I saw:
 They were playing memory. Under the quilt. Because where else would be more fun.
 Note: The hootin' and hollerin' was because Val is a vicious cheater at memory. And all other games for that note. Primarily avoid Memory and Monopoly.

There was another form of hootin' going on in the apartment. I finally finished an owl quilt I had purchased the fabric or a while back.
 I also finished it's fraternal twin. I had purchased enough fabric for a twin size quilt, but decided that a twin size quilt would be too much for a toddler watching TV. SO I split it and made two lap quilts. The recipients are to be determined.

Ps. JUST tried the Tomato Basil Soup from Costco....LOVE it. So good. Delicious. My new food weakness. I wonder if it's healthy. It's organic. That's gotta count for something.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for creeping on us and taking pictures. Y is matt so much prettier than i am in the sexy pic? Valpal

Cams said...

I'm so happy that you finally decided to blog. :) What are you gonna do with those quilts? ;)

Hope you're doing well - wish we could have a French Onion soup date. I'm thinking a visit out to CA is in order... :)

Little Spouse on the Prairie said...

You are sooo right about about Calif. citrus! Game times are fun! I really love your new heading. Once again you are so creative! Janice

laura said...

the quilt is beautiful! i hope you and val invite me over to play games under the quilting table soon!

girlyhurley said...

Why are they building the gingerbread house on the floor? (I'm seriously amazed no one else asked. . .) I make one every year, but never on the floor.

Love the quilts. Hope to see you soon!

Grandma G said...

I've had that soup... it is AWESOME! Wish I had some right now... or even a Costco nearby.

JHRME said...

They built it on the floor because we dont have a dining room table. Plus, the closer you are to the ground the less distance things have to fall. Plus then they get to sprawl.