Wednesday, January 19, 2011

If Only Life WERE Like a Box of Chocolates

Val and I came upon a box of See's Chocolates for Christmas. While some people embrace taking life/chocolate as it comes. I personally prefer to use the tools available to know what's coming...and avoid nasty surprises.
I still "play the game" more or less, choosing the ones I would choose first if I didn't know I could cut them open. I confess, it's rather satisfying knowing that I wasn't the sucker eating the one I didn't want.

Even more, one man's refuse is your sister's treasure.

Now if only we could find a way to get a sneak peak at life's surprises.

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Little Spouse on the Prairie said...

Here's another technique-You pick up the piece of candy, turn it upside down, dig a small scoop out with your fingernail, and taste. If you like it you pop it into your mouth. If not you put it back and the next unsuspecting customer pops it into their mouth. Ha!