Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Machine

Today I attended a class at Quilter's Paradise, in Clovis, to teach me all about my recently acquired (from my mom) featherweight sewing machines! My cousin Tanya suggested that I go, and having recently had a scare thinking I would have to pay someone to repair my machine, I decided this $28 class would be WELL worth it. It was. My machine runs like a dream now! I can't wait to get to work on the other one I have in Colorado!  (Should you wish to explore Quilter's Paradise's website and class schedule click here)
My cousin Tanya, using her headlamp to get ALL the gunk out of her machine and oil it!
 While at Quilter's Paradise I came across the most amazing fabric! (Seriously, you cant go in and not look!) Anyway, it's argyle!!!! AND one in every color! Look how well it goes with scraps from our wedding quilt!
See so it's the best of both worlds. It's a fun new fabric, but I'm also stash busting in a major way!
Another highlight of my day! I got to meet my good friend Chris's !FIANCE! Brittany! (Finally! A. I'd been wondering when he was going to pop the question and B. She's from a different city and we kept missing each other!) She's definately a kindred spirit! The coolest part: She's getting into quilting! She met me at the Quilter's Paradise after my class and that afternoon she came over to our apt and I was able to share some of my mom's beginning stuff with her! I also passed on one of Mom's project kits. I did have ulterior motives though. I'm trying to make sure she get's all the way adicted to this colorful hobby!


Anonymous said...

I really like tanya's haircut and your new fabric. I hope you make a quilt for boogity (my stuffed rhino for anyone reading this bsides jess).

Tanya said...

You can imagine my surprise (and I literally laughed out loud!) to see a big picture of me with a dorky head lamp right here on your blog. What a fun class and I'm so glad you were there with me! I LOVE all the different fabrics you've put with the argyle! I can't wait to see what it becomes!!!
ps: Thanks ValPal!