Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mostly Foggy with a Splash of Orange

The thing that has started to absolutely drive me nuts about Fresno is that we have the grayest days. 
 The days when the sun shines and the skies are real blue (like in CO and ID) are few and far between. I always seem to forget this until the moment I'm on my way back
 It's so gloomy. It makes you want to stay under the covers. It makes you want to hide all day long and do nothing. We've had some recent luck and some of the fog has burned off by the afternoon. If that happens my two favorite activities are sitting outside and reading textbooks between class OR sitting in the window quilting on the quilt on the quilt frame in our living room.
 On a brighter note. Those oranges I was telling you about. The ones that grow on trees at Aunt Maggies house. The ones that are soooooo good I've had about 4 a day....they're ready! Valerie went over to Aunt Maggie's and she and Tanya picked oranges for people to buy. $4 for 4lbs of amazingness. Apparently the people who owned their house before them sold the oranges and after Aunt Maggie and Uncle Mike got the house people still came by wanting to buy oranges. Now they have a whole list of people who wish to be notified when the oranges are ready! My brother-in-law Jay took some oranges back to Colorado last year. He used them to bribe secretaries and campus monitors at his school. Thats how good they are!
They can be found at this address during the work week:
2738 West Bullard Avenue
Fresno, CA 93711-2212 

and next door during the weekend. The key is to look for the wooden sign. 
If you drive by and the sign is covered up that means they're out of picked oranges and they haven't had a chance to pick more. If you're really desperate or made a special trip for oranges, stop by and see if you can still get some. 


Anonymous said...

The Fresno Fog used to grate on me. U. Mark always grins when we have blue sky and fluffy clouds up here. It's one of the perks of living in the Inland North West (INW) Mark is applying for a position in Denver so maybe we'll see you there. The whole family will be traveling to Fresno near the last week February to see both Dixie and Grandpa Ernie and anyone else who wants to visit with us. Love A. Dorris

tea pea said...

If it's any consolation, it's like that at the moment here in Yorkshire, England, too!

Dani said...

I love these days! Foggy weather and rainy days make me want to go outside. Maybe play some soccer... go for a jog. Next time the weather has you down, just think about how happy it is making me! :)