Thursday, January 6, 2011

Love Hate Thursday

One of my favorite blogs to read posted Love Hate Thursday. She asked us what some of ours were.  I thought, "Sure, I can come up with a couple." and then I had so many I thought "I'm practically writing a blog post as a comment." Then I thought of the friend who tells me I'm slacking when I haven't written a post. So I'm on it. Here's my Love Hate Thursday. Share yours in the comments!

Love:Subbing in an AMAZING 5th grade class today.

Hate:Leaving my husband yesterday.

Love: When I asked a 5th grader what he was doing at the fish tank today, he said "I'm trying to make the fish talk to me." Oooooook class. On to problem 5.
Hate: That it's warmer in Colorado Springs. Pretty much the only reason to live in California is that it's warm.

Love: Driving my zippy little car again.
Hate: When I drive Luke's low riding car (that he likes to lean back and stretch out while he drives in) I have to scoot forward so far just to reach the pedals that my forehead hits the windshield.

Love: That my apartment in Fresno is only on the 2nd floor.
Hate: That I'm not in the third floor apartment in CO Springs with Luke.
Love: Doing 5th grad math.
Hate: That I can't figure out the thing that will make it click for some of my students. I know it's there.
Love: Working on stuff in Elements. I've got so many projects going on there its crazy. I think my computer needs more memory.
Hate:That my computer needs more memory.
Love: That my sister brought me an amazing argyle quilt pattern from her boyfriends mom.
Hate: That its full of 60 degree angles and I've sworn them off with a vengeance.
Don't forget to share yours!


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