Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Speaking Of

I have worn some uncomfy shoes this week on account of one of my kiddos said "Mrs. Nickodemus, why do you wear those shoes every day?" (she was talking about my Birkenstocks.) I promptly told her "because they're comfy!" as I jar been remind every day I've tried to "spice it up."
Speaking of spice...I'm wearing men's deodorant today. (free sample at the gym.) Every time I smell it I do a slight double take but I enjoy it very much. I wonder if it throws off people around me.
Speaking of deodorant and people around me, dude in one of my classes stinks like 6th grade boy pre deodorant. Think he would be offended if I got him one of the samples? Yah me too. There has to be a solution.
Lastly: Quilt Camp Tomorrow!!

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k said...

I only wear boy deoderant now. It works SO MUCH better!

girlyhurley said...

Speaking of camp. . .
When you get back can I borrow your camp Cricut cartridge?


The Isaacs said...

What?! Boy deodorant?! I always knew you were kind of "diifferent!" Lol- j/k!