Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Freaky Deaky

3 day weekends are kind of a mean trick. I've gotten on a schedule, even on saturday and Sunday I only slept in an hour. Come Monday I slept in 3 and then it was Tuesday and I had to get up. Growl.

There were 6 motorcycle police officers/speed traps around my school this morning. I'm happy it will remind some of the nutso drivers to be safe but it makes me so neeeeervous I'm doing something wrong and don't know! I know I'm not...but yah.

I discovered I've got another long weekend coming up and Luke and I booked a ticket for me to go see him!!! It'll be a quick trip. We may never leave our apartment. I can't wait. I hope he will make me waffles.

There is a chihuahua that lives across the street from me/us here in the county island of Pinedale. (and some others that wander freely) Well this particular Chihuahua likes to anything that threatens to move...and I think to myself that is not the life for meeee. I wonder just how stressed out that silliest of the silly ones must be? Just turn three times and take a chill pill!
In stark contrast to the silliest of the silly ones I was companion to this sweet girl

for some time this weekend. SHE doesn't want to bark. She (Lexi)wants to be AS. Close. To. You. As. Possible.

Did you say snuggle? Why let me just crawl into your lap. Oh goodness melt my heart, I can't resist. Also can't resist: OPI silver crackle nail polish. It's linked to the Pirates of the Caribbean line.

Lastly, while Lexi was sitting in my lap poolside, I began "I Am Number 4." It was a lovely bout of fiction. I almost finished it. Then it got suspenseful. And I was at an unfamiliar house. And Luke wasn't able to remember everything that happened. And I happen to be prone to some freaky deaky dreams. So I stopped reading. I would like to know how it ends. Can I do it? Maybe tomorrow. Mid day.
Ok one more thing. I am Uh-dicted to using the podcast "Stuff You Missed in History Class" to study. It's super entertaining and I pick up words like freaky deaky (see above, heard in the episode about Rasputin.... Who I incidentally resembled in my drivers permit photo if you drew a beard on me. Which I incidentally did at the suggestion of Becca during a high school history class. If I ever find that photo I will post it.)
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Kimberlee said...

I've been wanting to try the OPI crackle fingernail polish. You've motivated me.

Anonymous said...

i WANT the crackle so bad! and i thought it only came in black so i wasn't thrilled but now that i see the silver, i need to go buy it on my lunch break!