Friday, September 9, 2011


Meet one of my BFFs Destinie.

I met her in 4th/5th grade and we are soooo kindred spirits. And soooo different and soooo the same.

We lived on the same street with one house in between us. We were both skinny little kids with big o glasses. I couldn't get to the boxes that far back for those pictures.

I dyed my hair dark once for Halloween and when I got in the car my mom said "Well Destinie, I didn't know we were taking you!" She is the ying to my yang as she sure knows how to keep organized and work hard. Best example of this: when she came over and cleaned my room because I had hit a wall...ok maybe I was reading.

When we work on projects I like to add flourishes and creativity etc. Destinie makes sure it gets done and in. Anyway...Destinie met Ryan, and I think she really likes him. All our friends seem to like him. Me, I was holdin' out. I've put a stamp of approval on boys before and they've been goobers. BUT I met Ryan today.

I think he's pretty coolio. Mostly because he occasionally reads my blog when I post a convenient link. And maybe because I think Des seems to like him...

Maybe? Blech. I told them to knock it off on the kissy face pictures. Maybe I'm just wishing my kissy face person was in town. Then we'd be the mushiest group around. Anyway. My name is Jessica and I approve this boy. Better not be a goober or I'll retract that! I reserve the right to retract approval.

On another note: Today one of my kiddos said "I thought first grade was supposed to be hard. So far this is too easy." Just you wait buddy, I thought. Later we worked on place value. (Tens and ones) I think he takes it back.

I resisted the urge to go to In-n-Out for a cheeseburger and a side of pickles. I think I regret it.

My single subject history class/professor is still cooler than cool. Shes got a Harry Potter Internet browser skin. Oh yah and I learn cool stuff too.
Lastly. Look at my husband. Isn't he dreamy?! When I miss his face this is my go too picture. It also shows up when he calls me.

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Chris said...

Cute pictures, and yes, it's obvious to anyone who's been around you 2 more than a day that you guys go way back.
You both "adopted" me last semester and I can honestly say that I would not have survived some of those classes without both of you keeping me sane and thanks!

Emilie said...

Aww I love this! And I love you both!

pompom said...

You have got a nice blog site..