Friday, March 30, 2012

So Egg-citing

To be back in Colorado Springs for Spring Break. This morning Luke made me eggs and spare guts (asparagus.) I just had to take a picture of my fork and his pitchfork.

I became a victim of pinterest when I saw some eggs dyed sort of batik style with the use of flowers and nylons. So I tried it today. Isn't everything better in color?

I swiped some shoe trying on "socks" with permission of course.

I experimented with artificial plants and real ones. The real ones work best for the record. I also used a couple blown out eggs as well as hard boiled. In the future Id just as soon use hard boiled as I didn't feel like these eggs were SO special I wanted to keep them all.

Hot water, color, a bit of vinegar.

On some of the eggs that didn't ten out with a strong pattern I re-dyed with a different color and more plants. The effect was pretty cool.

Tomorrow I aim to try making eggs that imitate some of Luke's golf shirts re my post around the women's open.

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Jill Michener said...

Those shoe store nylons give me a pain. I'm glad you found a better use for them. Pretty!

The Luedtke Family said...

I love to eat "scary bus" (asparagus), too.

Egg coloring will be later next week. Our house doesn't like to eat the yolks, though.