Friday, February 1, 2008

Winter Fiesta!

Last Friday I got back in touch with my California roots and put together a program for the residents called "Winter Fiesta." We invited the Latin Club to come teach us to Salsa Dance and Jenny and Luke helped me put together a super yummy taco bar that had everything down to the quacamole! Yum! We had high hopes and ambitions to buy some other things like churros from the freezer section but apparently the population here in Moscow doesn't frequently purchase things like that. Sigh. We couldnt even buy a pinata from the party aisle. BUT we had a lot of fun anyway and the turn out was good!

Some of the people eating their food, the desks got stuck in classroom style. Can you tell I told a lot of the guys they didnt have to dance and they could just eat tacos if they wanted?

The buffet... theres Luke, looking pretty spiffy, and very interested in the food.

One of my dance partners after we rotated. Im not gonna lie, the height difference was a challange!

Our teachers were really good!

Jenny and Me, the happiest wall flowers in the room!

They ate it all! Time to clean up!

Wait, hold on, lemme change into my comfy shoes first!

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