Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The three day weekend made it possible to get away! Luke and I left for Spokane on Saturday morning after getting breakfast bagels at Moscow Bagel. The bagels were really yummy and gave us energy to drive behind all the super super slow drivers on the two lane road to Spokane. We met up with my Aunt Grace and cousin Katie at the Riverfront Park Ice Skating Rink.

Go Luke go!

Katie takes to ice like a fish takes to water!

Cousins! The rink was having a Beach Party, which explains the Leis.

After we were done Ice Skating we all went back to Aunt Grace's house where we met up with Jenny, and Allie and played with all of Katie's toys.

Katie riding Butterschotch the mechanical horse, who scared the tiny pink mechanical poodle that Jenny was holding.

Luke,sitting in the tiny kids chair. What a picture.

Katie prefers to ride Butterscotch sidesaddle while wearing a cape and holding her sword.

Who knew Jenny was so good at performing the Super-woman stunt?

We (Luke) also helped break in Katie's Wii this weekend. We learned two new games: Dance, Dance, Revolution and High School Musical Sing-a-long. So much fun!

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Jamie said...

Dance, Dance Revolution AND High school Musical ???? Wish I was there to play with you!