Monday, February 4, 2008

A Whole 'Nother Snow Day?!?

Thursday night we were all sitting at the table eating our baked potatoes smothered in chilli, sour cream, butter, and sour cream when shouts of "No school tomorrow!" began coming from all over! We could hardly believe our ears, and just to make sure the good news was true jumped to double check on the school website! It was true! No school on Friday either! It was a four day weekend! What to do with all this fabulous time off?! Homework? Psh. Snow fort! Dig our cars out!

Here are some pictures of Daisy(my car) and No Name (Luke's car, he wont name it.)

Luke was such a gentleman and dug out our friend Laura's car and mine. I helped of course but really theres only so much to do when there's only one shovel and much now. I tried to stay out of range of the cast off snow and moved snow with the plastic bins we used to make bricks for the snow fort.

More Pictures to Come of the Fort! Why did I never realize that all of these fabulous things once can build with snow were not just found in fictional books like the Bobsey Twins, Baby-Sitters Club, and The Boxcar Children?

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Lisa said...

Man! Never in my entire time at Fresno State did we get a Snow Day (or Foggy Day Schedule or Rained out day) - I obviously went to the wrong college! Looks like fun - the fort is way cool!