Monday, February 18, 2008

Vandal's Valentine's Victory

Valentines Day was a was a big one this year what with the all important CSUF vs U of I basketball game, Jenny's sister (my cousin) coming up to Idaho to visit, and RA duty that night.
We all(Kelsi, Cody, Jenny, Allie, Luke, and Me) went to "Bob's" (Wallace food court) for a romantic meal and then headed up to the game. I had to leave at half time for work and believe me I was shocked when they texted me the results. Fresno State lost in over time!

Us eating at "Bob's" before the game!

Luke in his UofI sweatshirt and me in my Fresno State sweatshirt!

Kelsi, who was wearing Red for Valentines day and didnt realise she was subliminally supporting Fresno state too, and Cody.

Allie and Jenny not getting together for the picture.

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