Sunday, February 24, 2008

Saving the world one bag at a time!

Jenny and I went grocery shopping the other day, and I took my own bags with me!


Jamie said...

YOU GO GIRL! I used to get funny looks from people when I did that. The baggers would ask, "Paper or plasic?", I'd say, "Oh, I brought my own." And usually after the funny look, they'd go bag someone else's groceries. They're cloth...not magic. The groceries don't jump in there themselves. Oh well, my hands and arms work. Now, at most stores, I even get a 5 cent credit per bag I bring! Considering I usually take 3 or 4 bags each time, that's 20 cents a trip, at least a dollar a month, and a final total of over $12 a year! Not to mention all the paper or plastic you've saved! Way to go!

Christa said...

Excellent! Hooray for you!