Sunday, October 19, 2008

Beguiled by Guilds

On Saturday I went with Tanya, Tyler, and Kim to the Civil War Reenactment AKA The Civil War Revisited. I especially enjoy going to this event every year that I can, I often dress up, but this weekend was a busy one, and since many of my clothes are in the garage, I opted to save dressing up for Halloween this year. This year the guilds' exhibits were especially good. I spent the most time checking out treadle and hand crank sewing machines, chair caning and spinning! (No, I didn't forget to purchase a bag of kettle corn before we left. The important stuff right?)I was so interested in what I was seeing that I forgot to take pictures!

Here are two that I did get:

Tanya, Tyler, and Me!

Kim snuck up front to get a better view of the battle...she's wearing a green shirt.

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Jamie said...

Looks like fun! I saw a couple people dressed up when I was in Target Saturday morning, which reminded me of the event, and then reminded me that I never got back to you about Isaac. I'm so sorry! It was a crazy, busy weekend on our end. YIKES! Maybe next year.