Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bears no Longer Baring it All

Since I started knitting I've been working on a lot of baby projects. I've been doing this because it was a good way to learn a lot of skills on little projects that don't take too much time. My sister found good use for these clothes putting them on her bears.

The three bears in the middle were "happy" because the clothes fit them, but Koala Baby (Left) and Gunther (Right) wanted clothes that fit them. So for Valerie's birthday I knit Koala Baby a little hat and I knit Gunther a little sweater. Gunther has a funny shaped body so I undid and re knit the sweater a couple times but the end result was good! ( I think at least!)

Here are Koala Baby and Gunther. Val says Koala Baby looks like a thugster. I kind of agree.

And because this was funny I couldn't leave it out.

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ValPal said...

hehe bears.