Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Quilt Camp

Last weekend my mom and I packed our bags, and sewing machines, and cutting mats, and rotary cutters, and headed to Quilt Camp! For those of you not familiar with this strange occurrence it is when quilters take their quilting projects away from home to camp where there are fewer distractions, calling away from the hobby they love! We had two and a half days of sewing and got a lot accomplished.

A picture of the group we took at the end of the week!

This is why when I walk in I think it looks like a factory/sweatshop.

Cindy, Stephani, and Jennifer

A lot of us participated in a 1930's fabric themed friendship quilt block exchange. Everyone makes 15 of the same block, then everyone gets together and trades blocks so in the end you have 15 different blocks. Then each person gets to put them together in the way that they want. Here is Dotty and her completed quilt top.

Here is Jennifer and her completed 1930's quilt top. Don't you just love the pinwheels?

Here I am with a suggestion of what my quilt top is going to look like. I just got started on it since I've been away in Idaho.

Aunt Maggie finished up this Thomas quilt for her Grandson Tyler, and started a really fun Monster quilt!

My cousin Kimmie started her Yellow Brick Road quilt. (Yellow Brick Road is the name of the pattern, I know the colors are purple and green.)

Here is Tanya (also my cousin) with her blocks for the quilt she started. I cant remember what its called.

Cindy is working on a really tricky quilt where the blocks have about a gazillion different little pieces! Pretty!

We had a fun time and were very productive!

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Jamie said...

Looks like fun! Wish I still had time for that...someday again!