Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bulldogs, Vandals, and Dodgers

On Saturday Val and I were given tickets to the Fresno State vs. University of Idaho game. (University of Idaho is the school I spent last year at through National Student Exchange.) When my mom called from Lakeview Cottages to ask what we were doing Saturday night, Val, my mom, and I all laughed when I announced that we were going to a football game. So we dug out our Fresno State clothes (after seriously contemplating wearing "Vandal Gear") and headed to the game.

It was pretty chilly weather for Fresno in October.

This was the final game score. Though I still maintain that if UofI hadn't called for a review {regarding whether they were 1 yd short of a first down) they might have maintained a momentum to score again if not win. The play after that review, Fresno State intercepted the ball, U of I called a review for that too, then Fresno State had a timeout, and it was all over. Overall enjoyable. Jason and Mike were very nice and explained all the questions I had about the game! Good news I actually paid attention the whole time! Not once did I pull out a book, magazine, or alternative activity such as knitting!

Monday night football turned into Monday night baseball in honor of the Dodgers playing. Matt, who had gone to the game on Sunday in LA broght his towel and wore his whole outfit! Here he is rallying (is that the correct term?) for a strikeout...or something. He rallied a lot.

Mark and Levi, Christa, Aaron, and Sam!

Cindy shared some of Jill's yummy cobbler with Charlotte, one bite turned into Charlotte taking her own spoon and eating out of Cindy's bowl and when asked whose bowl of cobbler it was Charlotte said "mine" without one ounce of doubt in voice or facial expression! Classic! I like the way she thinks!

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