Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hats On?

You are now viewing the finally finnished, fully assembling, goofy looking, fair isle hat with earflaps and dangly braids that I love and am very proud of!
In this picture you can even see the fleece I tacked on inside the hat for added comfort, and to keep the wool that makes up the hat clean!
Almost makes me want to be in the snow again so I can wear it! Just kidding...after snow in June I dont need to see snow 'til February!


Lisa said...

Oh my word, Jessie, I love it! Sooo cute, you did a fantastic job! Taking orders???

live a colorful life said...

Lisa's right. It is the cutest, and the pattern looks so complicated. Your did a super job. Cute hat on a cute girl.

Anonymous said...

Great hat...I was wondering if you had finished it...looking forward to seeing you in it sometime...maybe in the snow:) Neola

The Isaacs said...

I am so impressed with everything you're able to do! Super cute hat!