Sunday, January 3, 2010

Compact- adj. kom-pakt

joined or packed together; closely and firmly united; dense; solid: compact soil.
arranged within a relatively small space: a compact shopping center; a compact kitchen.
designed to be small in size and economical in operation.

Basically NOT a hummer (H1 H2 or H3). This jerkface hardly left me room to open my door. Is it because he's from Oregon? Is it because the big o non compact car is to protect what little brain he has left that doesn't have the capacity to decipher the meaning of compact? Maybe it itsnt even a he. Maybe its a she and she's just...well...rude. Maybe the he is just rude. Hmph. Dear big cars, Compact means little. Like my bug. Sincerely, Compact Car Driver


Grandma G said...

Maybe it just wanted to snuggle up close 'cause your car is so CUTE! ;)

JHRME said...

Hahaha now theres a funny thought. My car should have left him a note signed with tire marks.
Dear Hummer,
Thank you for flattering me and trying so very hard to snuggle right up to me, but I'm engaged to a Toyota Celica so maybe you should give me some more space.
Daisy Bug (insert tire smudges here)

Grandma G said...