Thursday, January 21, 2010

Today it's hard to resist the urge to...

...yell loudly and kick things.

If you're reading this, I have yet to reconsider the post and delete OR someone has commented and I enjoy comments so much I couldn't possibly delete a post that has comments.

Why I want to yell loudly and kick things:
1.) I was awake at 6:00 AM.
2.)There was a beautiful view of the mountains surrounding our valley today during a break in the rain on my way to work. I was driving so I didn't try to take a picture and it started raining again....swift kick.
3.) The 5th day of rain.
4.) The 5th day of rain and 1st subbing in a fourth grade classroom.
5.) Not talking to Luke all day.
6.) Tutoring and reminding a kid that 20 is 20 for the 220th time this week. A two and a zero makes 20...really? Really? Is it THAT HARD?!! Or maybe that's the 5th day of rain talking.
7.) Talking to Luke...but only for 2 minutes because he has to go. Except I didn't know he had to go until he said I have to go...leading to an abrupt end of conversation and still an empty void from not talking to Luke all day. (The intro to conversation doesn't really count, it's usually formalities.)
8.) I get home, it's raining, my key takes 3 tries to turn.
9.) My quilt blocks have been disturbed on the wonderwall. I fully intended to sew them together this weekend. There's been a lot to do. I know the mover had no malicious intent in fact they had only kind and excited intent...but ugh...I have no idea where they went and I think I spent two hours staring at them to put them where I wanted. Ugh.
10.) Did I mention no Luke? He's in Idaho.



Grandma G said...

#1 says it all. No wonder. ;)

Just think about being in MN and maybe your day will look better???

I'm sorry you've had a bad day. Some days just are that way. How 'bout some chocolate? ;)

Jon and Jolie said...

Did you see the sunset? For a few minutes it was there. . . until it started raining again. hmmmm. . . I would be perterbed, too if I had my quilt blocks disturbed. . . so much thought and time. . . ugh! Well, I reccomend making some chocolate chip cookies and sitting down to a chick flick. . . or a good book. That way you have something good to end your day with. :)

valpal said...

...change your facebook pasword!

in any case you should go fake bake to solve your problems...the vit d helps.

The Luedtke Family said...

You remember these days apart from Luke when you are in a string of many days together and start taking each other for granted!

Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Distance always gives perspective on how to love when together. And love is a verb, not just a feeling! Love is what you do for the other person without thinking of benefit to you! You will soon be with your love!

Tanya said...

Just think...only a few more months and you will get to see him/talk to him/be in the same town with him FOREVER!!! It will go by quickly, even if it doesn't seem so now. And I totally hear you on the rain thing...I think it makes kids suddenly dumber.

Anonymous said...

considering my name is mentioned a couple of times im going to take the blame for this, although slightly disappointed im not number 1.

suggestion, come see me!

Grandma G said...

Gee, that guy must not read your blog very often. No wonder you didn't mention him till #5. I'd beware of him if I were you.