Tuesday, January 5, 2010

One In Every Color- Party!

Just before New Years, my sister's boyfriend Matt (I like to tack a little i onto the end and obnoxiously call him Matt-eeeee) came into town. He played lots of golf in high school and some golf now (he's getting ready for grad school) which makes him a good companion for Luke (Opinionated Spectator.) The three of us went to the driving range on New Years Eve day. I even hit some balls (I'm proud because I did better than Luke thought I would! Woot!) Mostly I made sure to get some pictures. I didn't find the pose about to be quite so appealing. Luke golfs left handed and Matti golfs right handed so initially they were facing away from each other. Good I guess for the self conscious golfer because when I took Luke's spot for a bit (I too am a lefty) I never knew if anyone was watching. Soooo anyway, I asked em to switch spots so I could get a couple pictures.
Much better.
Then we went to the party store to get some silly string for Live A Colorful Life. I saw this aisle and it stopped me dead in my tracks! (Play heaven music here.)
I think I'll just leave it at that. It's too beautiful for words.


Neola said...

Wish there was a picture of you golfing! Looks like fun... so glad that Luke could bring his clubs... he was excited about the golf club suitcase. I'm sure he will use it alot!

Tanya said...

Looks like fun! and the golfers facing is much more fun than the facing away golfers :-)