Sunday, January 17, 2010

Growing Up - Toilet Paper

There are many things I've felt very prepared for when branching out on my own. Grocery shopping is one of them. Mom taught me how to check expiration dates and price per unit to ensure that I am in fact getting the best bang for my buck.

Here's the thing, I really never know how to by toilet do you compare? There's not really a price per unit notation like there is for cheese. And how do you compare brands? Its not like you can feel inside the package....My dad always buys whatever's on sale, but with some things sale doesn't always mean good deal. Or quality for that matter. Sometimes I go for marketing- I quilt, the ladies quilted the quilted toilet paper, I should support other quilters...I guess I avoid the ones with the bears on it because my...well, you know...isn't nearly as bad as any I've seen from bears while backpacking. But no one wants the tissue paper status toilet paper, and well TP that shreds, it just isn't fun. Grandma G has also recently alerted the public to the fact that the TP companies have begun to take advantage of the uneducated public and is slowly cutting back on the length of the toilet paper rolls. They're cheating us people!! We need to demand that our standards be met!

But wait what are the standards and really how do I know if the TP will live up to its promise if I can't access it inside the plastic? Any tips?


Grandma G said...

It's trial and error, I'm afraid. Ya jist gotta keep at it till ya find one ya like, and then stick with it. And then watch for sales on your favorite. That's my way of thinkin'. The cheap ones ain't worth buyin', 'cause it takes so much more that you're not savin' anything. I guess you could say ya git whatcha pay for. Or ya used to, before they started cheatin' ya by shrinkin' them rolls... and raisin' the price! Holy Cow it's expensive nowadays! We might just hafta go back to usin' good ol' corn cobs! But then ya git them bees' wings all over the place.

Good luck, girl!!

The Luedtke Family said...

At least we have options. Not just the pages from the "Monkey Wards" catalog in the outhouse!!!!

I used to have a favorite, can't recall now what it was since we buy cheap at Aldi. It's all good now that we are used to it.

We just flush it down the turlit anyways!!! Bye-bye $$$$!