Sunday, January 24, 2010

Were You in Lord of the Rings?

I was asked that by one of the 8th graders on Friday. I promptly responded by gaping at him for a moment because it had me flashing back to high school. Then I remembered I'm a secure grown up who loves being me and laughed. He never said exactly why he asked. Maybe it was because I'm short like the hobbits.Maybe it's because I'm delicate and elvish? (Don't catch me on technicalities because I have yet to see all the movies, connect with characters, and read the books. I know it's uber World of Warcrafty, but LOTR scares me!)

Maybe it's because I have a mean death stare...

Or maybe it's because I resemble Orlando Bloom (can't remember his movie/book name).

I used to wear my hair back like his during my earlier years, but then I was sitting in PE role call lines one day (no I didn't actually participate, I had my medical note) and the obnoxious fellow turned to me with a thoughtful look on his face. He didn't even look malicious like he usually did when he was about to say something. He just said "I finally figured out who you look like. You look like Orlando Bloom in Lord of the Rings." That was it. I was flabbergasted. I have yet to wear my hair pulled back like that. Now I'm very careful to at LEAST put a part in it. There's just something so functional about a half up. I was hoping to at least be viewed in a more scholarly fashion like Paris from Gilmore Girls. Sigh.
Any ideas for stick straight hair with a widows peak?


Tanya said...

still thinking on ideas for hair suggestions, but it's kind of funny that this post came now, because Kim and I had a Lord of the Rings 3 movie marathon this weekend and I have been working my way through Gilmore Girls episodes for the past 3 weeks!

The Luedtke Family said...

Eric and I had one time had a dinner and a movie date. I asked what we were going to see, and he mentioned a BRIEF discussion about The Lord of the Rings.

We are settled, the movie starts. I like it. Then the happy hobbit place goes away. Forever. I turn, look at him, and ask him what he took me to see. Not so enjoyable.

As for your hair, wear it confidentally and proudly. You can't listen to eighth graders. Middle school is awkward. They feel awkward. They need labels to make sense of their world. It's post Christmas and they feel like kings and queens of the school. They are off to high school soon.

You cannot let them affect you.

lgashton said...

My hair is stick straight with a tiny widow's peak. I just have tons of bangs (see my pics) and put moose in my hair while it's right between damp and wet. Blow dry it upside down (no brush needed 'cause it's already straight) and BAM--you're fabulous. It's kinda great.

過年嚕 said...

一個人的快樂,不是因為他擁有的多,而是他計較的少。 ....................................................

Anonymous said...

I can offer you absolutely no advice, Jess. As you know, I have the opposite problem. As I'm trying to tame my curly mane I'm wishing I had to figure out what to do with stick straight hair! I think your hair is absolutely beautiful!

Anonymous said...

im gunna go with the death stare and being short like a hobbit, because Legolas is way too bad @$$ for me to compare him to you. Nothing against the way you look but you are not too fierce of a fighter. I mean even in your picture his sword is dripping with orc blood.

Jess said...

My ol Pal Jessica,

Hearing you say LOTR is "uber World of Warcrafty" is like hearing someone complain that WolfMan Ripped off Twilight. My heart, it breaks!

However, I had already forgiven you on the premises that you had actually read One of Ms Pierce's fine quartets. Shes a fantastic fantasy writer and its a shame she doesn't get a little more recognition for what she's brought to the community.

/two cents, Jess Outfleet