Wednesday, January 13, 2010

On Another Note

My Christmas present from Luke was George Winston concert tickets! I never really made the concious decision to be a George Winston fan it just sort of happened. My parents have enjoyed his music, and he strongly influences my father's (also named George) piano playing style. My dad used to play the most during bedtime when I was in Jr. High and Elementary School. The music would relax and sooth all my crazy ball of wire thoughts that wait to jump on you til bed time. As I got older I found the George Winston CD's in the cabinet, loaded them on my iPod and they are the BEST travel music. I put in my head phones, relax and sleep the trip away. I introduced Luke to George Winston when I was on exchange in Idaho, and either he REALLY appreciates the mellowing/never fail/soothing effect it has on me or he enjoys the music too! When I mentioned George was coming to Fresno, and that it happened to be just inside the window of time Luke had off from school...well the deal was sealed! We went two nights before he left. The music was fabulous and Mr. Winston even played the guitar and harmonica. Talented!

The most impressive part...he played in stocking feet! How cool is that. I like playing piano AND sewing barefoot so its nice to identify with the man.

We saw Tracy and Tim there too. I asked Tracy if there was going to be a strong Winston sound in the next day's worsip service, and she told me she was playing piano so maybe! Then if that dont beat all, neither of us had turned our cellphones on after the concert so we didn't get woken by our alarms (and when I DID wake up I couldnt wake Luke because he was at Live A Colorful Life's house with his phone off.) Lame.


Grandma G said...

I'm a George Winston fan, too! I didn't know he played in his stocking feet, though. Thanks for that information. :)

JHRME said...

When my parents first saw him he was freshly kicked off birkenstocks barefoot! Granted I didnt go up and check closely! I hope I'm not mis-informed!

Jamie said...

I would fall asleep to George Winston in my headphones on many nights in Costa Rica. You're right, it just calmed my mind. Glad you had a good time at the concert.

Kt Ro said...

I went to the George Winston concert too! With my parents. I grew up listening to him--I loved it! And yes, he was definitely purely stockinged, no shoes.