Thursday, June 17, 2010


Today I turn 23. I enjoy what some other bloggers I follow do in sharing their age number of memories under a certain theme. In light of our recent marriage I thought I'd share 23 of our wedding presents I've used in the last 5 days.
1.) Bath towels, nothing is better than a fluffy new towel. (washed before use of course)

2.) Dishes. Our fiestaware is so bright and cheery! You can't look at it when just waking up, or after a long day at work and not smile!

3.) Kitchen Aid Paper towel dispenser, the thing is magic. It has a clicky mechanism that holds the roll and lets you tear just one off!

4.) Red pots and pans! Spaghetti just tastes better when the pans look that good!

5.) Ice Cream Maker, were both semi lactose intolerant. We've made lots of sorbets! Our favorite combo? Strawberry Lime

6.) Cuisinart Food processor- to purree the fruit to make sorbet!

7.) Glasses. Wide at the top, heavy on the bottom. No creases for anything to get stuck.

8.) Aero bed. It arrived in Fresno and we set it up to use in my dad's office (returned to office state after posing as my bedroom. The bed got moved on out.)

9.) Target Gift Card- to purchase hangers for our closet and laundry soap (for our laundry.)

10.) Knives. Ceramic and picnic from Sur La Table. They come in bright colors.

11.) Spices, from our spice rack! So I may have over seasoned our potatoes a little bit...I wanted to use them all!

12.) Toaster oven! Turkey, spinach, feta quesadilla!

13.) Pyrex- for mixing purgers and pancake mix and storing left overs!

14.) George Foreman- burgers and asparagus!

15.) Wine glasses- we've had some of the wine left from our reception in Moscow.

16.) Colander- spaghetti is a newlyweds staple. Its cheap.

17.) Quilt-have you seen that fantastic quilt Cindy made us? Its on our wall.

18.) Cutting Mats-for all those little pieces that go into breakfast burritos and burgers!

19.) Sheets, thats all thats on our bed, its a little bit warm.

20.) Blender- strawberry, blackberry cran-rasberry smoothies. Yum. I may have worken up the neighbors. Did I mention its the most powerful blender on the market?

21.)Can Opener, just used it to open re-fried beans. Its green, and it left no sharp edges, and has grabbers to pick up the top!

22.)Frames and shelves to make our apartment feel cozier!

23.) Pictures and notes, on our fridge that remind us of the people we love!

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Jon and Jolie said...

First of all, Happy Birthday! Second of all, Congrats on the wedding! So very exciting! Enjoy your wedding gifts. . . they are so much fun!