Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lots to Do!

The time has been JAM packed! As I write I am a bit sunburned and tired because today we (group from work) went to the Sky Sox Kids Day and watched the first game of a double header.

You wont see too many pictures of me on my adventures because posting pictures of me and kids at work probably doesn't equal that great of an idea.
Tuesday was a full day of work after arriving back in Colorado Springs at 2:00 AM!
Monday was 18 hours in the car leaving Fresno around 5:00 AM
Sunday was an amazing wedding reception in Fresno! I got to visit with so many people! Much better than not getting to speak with anyone on the day of our wedding! PLUS I got to go out to dinner with many of the women in my family that night while the boys all watched recorded Germany game.
Saturday we got to Fresno at  12 30 ish and stopped by the Farmers Market (closed) watched soccer (football) and went to Mark and Cindys for yummy burgers! Top the night off with a trip to Sur la Table!
Friday worked a full day then left Colorado Springs right after work leaving behind some crazy rain and a tornado warning. The rain stuck with us but we lost it by Fresno! 
Thursday we went to the Denver Aquarium. Pretty cool! Especially after being biased by Monteray Bay Aquarium! Though it DID make me miss those CA beaches!
For dinner we had the best breakfast burritos!
Eggs with asparagus, chopped potato and onions, sausage, and feta cheese.

Wednesday we went to  Magic Town a gallery in Old Town Colorado Springs of Michael Garman's works. You can even look in the windows of all the mini buildings and spy on the people!
Dinner on this night was the best burger recipe I didn't really follow. I was in Whole Foods with Neola and Aunt Becky and we got this amazing looking recipe for Turkey Spinach Burgers. The recipe inspired my recipe which looked more or less like this:
1 pound ground beef
6 asparagus spears chopped
3 large handfuls of torn baby spinach
2 pieces of toast torn up into bread crumbs
1/3 cup minced onion
2 Tablesppons Worcestershire Sauce
Some good shakes of garlic salt

I mixed the ingredients by hand and packed them into 5 balls.

I didnt squash ours down bacause I cooked them on our new red George Foreman grill.
I topped mine with Feta and garnished it with mustard! Yum! I didnt feel the need to use a bun since there was bread in the burger!
They were DELISH! (If I do say so myself!)

Tuesday: Work Training, Full shift, Staff Meeting

Monday: First full day of work, field trip to John May Museum. One word bugs. Lots of them. Pinned under glass. Highlight for the kids: Starwars display in th space section. They wanted to know how those puzzles stay together to hang on the wall and in the cereal is still in those old boxes.
Sunday we organized our apartment some more, and got better settled in. Slept a lot. The altitude takes quite a bit out of me!
Saturday Luke worked, Jess slept like 12 hours. Then went to the pool and was mortified by the company she found there and now knows live in our apartment complex. She came back and puttered around organizing "stuff." 
Friday I went out for some interviews and dropped off resumes and cover letters. I also got hired for my job at the school! We had a neighbor up to join us for pancakes. Funny guy goes on 70 mile bike trips on his weekends....for fun?!
Thursday: was long and tireing. I was running around turning in job applications and was STILL not aclimated. I went to La Baguette and got some of their amazing French Onion Soup. I brough home an Ecclair to share with Luke....I saved him half right?

Maybe not. It was good!


BB said...

oh my gosh all that food looks SOOOO good. Well done Jess. Looks like you have been a busy lady!

BB said...
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Grandma G said...

You made me tired just reading all that! (Or maybe I was already tired from having Courtney all day.)

I LOVE ecclairs!!! You shared more than I would have! ;) I once bought a box of four, and ate them all myself. In one sitting. Grandpa didn't even know he missed anything! Heheh....

The Luedtke Family said...

Mmmmm!!! All of that sounds delish and yummy, but I am not jealous. Nope, not one bit! In my refrigerator sits a homemade 4 layer carrot cake with homemade cream cheese frosting. I make one once a year for my hubby's birthday. We get to cut into it and eat it tomorrow! A perfect ratio of cake to frosting. That is, of course, after homemade pizza.

You sure have been busy indeed!