Saturday, June 12, 2010

Book experience: the Friday Night Knitting Club


I should have been warned by the USA Today review on the cover: "Like Steel Magnolias set in Manhattan." I also should have read this book before May of 2009 when my mom was diagnosed with Cancer.
Mom had given it to me to read when I first started knitting, but I was finishing school, then she got diagnosed, and where did the time go?

The day mom died I was in Moscow. A dear friend went out and got me two books knowing A.) I would want an occasional distraction and B.) I like to read.
Friday Night Knitting Club stuck out because Mom had recommended it. Reading time waned just before our wedding but has since picked up, as I now have an hour long lunch break.
Initially I thought the book started out slow but I then warmed up to it and the group in the store. I could relate relationships the characters had to many relationships in my life. (Knitting AND quilting groups.)

I was really starting to get into this book. Things were really happening, looking up, being fun. Then there was a twist.

The main character, the mom, the teacher, was diagnosed with cancer.

Ill be honest. I've been trying to avoid cancer themed stories like the plague. They keep finding me. First "The Last Song" and now this.

So there I am sitting in Jamba Jiuice, blubbering, weirding the poor sales guy out, cursing this book....well....more threatening it, even willing it to turn out better.

That blasted author. It didn't get better. It hit too close to home. It struck a nerve.

The line that really got me on Page 358:
It had in its own way, all worked out.. Except that Georgia wasn't there."

My life is really working out, but my mom isn't here. Its starting to hit me that she wont be there this weekend for our Fresno reception. Its going to be different. Life is going to be different.


Anonymous said...

Mom's not there - except in you - in your heart, in who you are. You wouldn't be who you are without her (and I don't just mean that she gave you birth). Who she is still lives in you.

Thoughts and prayers with you still. Wish I could be there for the party. I'll join you in spirit.

Love to you all,

Little Spouse on the Prairie said...

Bruce said that wonderfully! Even though your piece made me teary, it was also so funny. I love your writing sense of humor. Wished we could have been at your reception! Hugs to you! Janice

The Luedtke Family said...

Oh Jessica! During my Mom's first diagnosis, I picked up books to read while visiting her in the hospital. Between crocheting/knitting projects, of course! "A Walk to Remember" was definitely not a good choice. And recently "My Sister's Keeper" was not so welcomed by my heart and soul either! I still have the black scarf I knitted, and will keep it for quite a while!

I cannot fully understand what it is like to lose your own mother, I can only imagine the very strong possibilty of it happening three times. And my heart is saddened for you.

Prayers to you!
Enjoy your Fresno reception! I am looking forward to hearing all about it!

Grandma G said...

Just a big hug to you.

Things like that will hit you every now and then, but believe it or not, it's a part of the healing process. The timing of it was right. God still knows what He's doing.

I'll be thinking of you during your reception. Hope you have a beautiful day, knowing that your mom is there with you in spirit.

Anonymous said...

Wish she could have been there too, Jess!
Love and prayers,

Christa said...

Thank you for your honesty, Jess. It may sound silly, but it's good for those of us who love you so dearly to know the ups and downs. We missed her that day, too.