Monday, June 7, 2010

Is it really just jessica now?

So welcome to a new era of this blog apparently I the often mentioned side story am now allowed to guest blog about certain items.  However this is only with the express written permission from my lovely new wife. Thus I have been allowed to talk about the honeymoon after the first two days and will try to do so with out wandering off path too often.
Okay I already have failed because is Jessica's attempt to get something up for those of you pressuring her as to where are the pictures from the honeymoon she has left some important interesting stuff out. While she did do a great job of putting up the most well known items we did see on the first day, such as the wildlife Old Faithful, Steamboat Geyser, and the Bear and Wolf exhibit/discovery center.  I will add a couple more details that are not very well known.  Such as Steamboat when it is erupts is actually the largest by far of the Yellowstone geysers, it will shoot water around 2 and a half times higher than its southern neighbor (Old Faithful.)  Its eruptions have caused some panic from people near it when it goes off due to an accompaniment of none too gentle earthquakes.  However it only erupts once every 4 days to 50 years.
We also got to see a number of different what would be called paint pots or hot pots or thermal pools depending on who you talk to.  I do believe Jess took a bunch of pictures of these in a hope to get a one in every color blog out of it but do to the amount of steam rising from these rare ornamental pools we were not able to get the best pictures of them. 
As with many naturally occurring phenomenon  the pictures we show you will you will not do them justice.
So apparently the temperature of the water allows or creates the ability of different micro organisms to live.  There was a chart I thought Jess took a picture of however couldn't find it.  If I remember correctly though yellow was around 160, and green was around 170.  The hottest where blue at close to 200 degrees.  All of this in Fahrenheit.

 Yes that is snow! why is it still there? No one near by could answer and it did seem that we were the only ones really interested in this strange occurrence! I mean look in the background no snow anywhere near!

I really don't get it! I mean the heat from those vents is what was supposed to have caused all these trees to die! they are about 25 yards up the hill from the vents! If anyone knows how this could occur we would be happy to hear the explanation!

We did also stop in and see the 50,000 Silver Dollar Bar, which in comparison to the wonders of Yellowstone may not seem very note worthy however in you are driving by on the freeway it is worth a stop in to see the displays since it really is one of a kind!

As my lovely wife pointed out in the previous blog discussing our adventure the next couple days were a little more mellow however there were still a number of interesting items to see!

However much it may look like it, this is actually not lava, but it did take some convincing to get Jess to lean out and smile!

This was the view from our hotel room every morning! Jess has a tradition of putting her car in front of spectacular views and taking a picture. Yes I know some of you were concerned about accommodations being up to date, because lets be honest not many people know how with the times the Montanans are.  However while it will surprise some people everything was up to date and clean!

Here is the main north entrance! We entered and exited through this every day we were in the park! No it does not lean like the picture indicates.  The camera was sitting on the hood of the car which is not even close to flat on a bug. GO GERMANY IN THE WORLD CUP!!! after USA of course!

Second day included many amazing views and more common natural beauty than hot pots or geysers.

Isn't she pretty!

The sign basically sums this one up!

Mammoth Hot Springs! Depending on the amount of snow and how all the systems underneath are lined up this will act as an amazing natural waterfall! Oh and the did I mention how beautiful the lady in front of this was?

Just because I know you want to see more pictures of the two of us!
This pretty much concludes the extent of our travels on the second day in the park! We were trying to see more wildlife and did see a few other animals such as black bears and elk however not many of them were close enough to get great pictures of.  Or really for Jess to be much interested in as she did not want to see wolfs in the wild because she did not want them to get a bad rep with humans again.  

Last day in Gardner Montana!

The plan for the day was to drive through the park on a couple of different roads and see a few for things on the way out!

Lower Yellowstone Falls.  Looks like a Nickodemus Christmas card waiting to happen to me! (if you have been getting the Christmas card from my family you will know we have had a number of cards in places very similar to this including one that looked almost exactly the same!)

Heck yes the lake was still completely frozen we are at 7,500 feet in Wyoming what did you expect!

Some more of the thermal pools! Since the lake was high and due to the melting of some of the snow and the lake itself many of the pools which have the greatest array of color in the summer were currently under the lakes surface!

However there where a few in great form!

Apparently the elk did not read the signs to stay on the path and out of the pools!

No you tell the 1,000 pound bear that is wet cement and he isn't allowed to walk there!

To cap off the national parks portion of the trip we drove through and around the Grand Tetons most of which is faded out and you cannot see because the sky and snow caped peaks were the same color that day!

On an interesting side note we were wondering if anyone could give us a conclusive answer as to what the wooden fence like structures are:

We guessed they were to prevent snow drifts during the winter but if you have a conclusive answer feel free to comment.  No they were not a fence because they would only stretch for around 100 yards at a time. (on a side not other than Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons this about sums up the rest of the landscape in Wyoming no wonder not many people live here!

We stayed our last day before we reached Colorado Springs in Laramie Wyoming, which apparently has around 20,000 people living in it same size as Moscow! Who knew people lived in this large of groups outside of Cheyenne? Not this guy!

Well I hope you have enjoyed or at least tolerated this explanation of some of our travels, since Jess and I have none to similar presentation, writing styles, or sense of humor for that matter! Well it is said opposites attract! Depending upon the response I may or may not get that express written permission to write again. 

Pictures about our apartment to follow although likely to be done by the woman who usually gives you all the updates Just Jessica!


Grandma G said...

Nice tour! I'm glad you were 'allowed' to write. :)

It brought back a lot of memories from when we were there... hmmm... probably before you were born! :)

The only thing I can suggest about the snow is that it's probably the same reason there's still all that snow at Lakeview Cottages. ;)

The Luedtke Family said...

Great update and incredible pictures! It looks like you had an enjoyable time. I am sure you will be "allowed" to write again!

Miss Harper said...

Let the records show: I asked him to guest blog. IIm not sure what all this "allowed" business is.

Grandma G said...

He sounds married.

Grandma G said...

And I don't think you should be 'allowed' to use "Miss Harper" anymore. ;)

Anonymous said...

just saw that! what is going on here! agreed with the comment Grandma G!

Jamie said...

Thank you, thank you for the "guest" presentation! I loved the pictures, the commentary, and especially the words "my lovely wife" a few times throughout!!! P.S. I believe the fence is for the wildlife (specifically elk) as there are large portions to the south of Yellowstone, and even the Tetons, that are designated preserved for elk.

Tracy said...

Yay, Luke! We want to hear more from you! Good job!

Tracy said...

And you could change the title from Just Jessica to Just Married Jessica! :)

girlyhurley said...

I have some answers for you!

One- I've always been told the fences (or would be fences) are for wildlife. Strange since they aren't continuous, but a biology professsor told me it!

Second- the trees died because of the mix of gases that the vents release (like at Mammoth mountain on the East Sierras). Too much carbon dioxide can kill the trees. That is what I would assume happen if these trees were close to the vents!

Aren't you happy you know a nerdy science teacher? haha

Great guest blog!


Lee said...

Fencing is for snow drifts like you said. With the way the wind blows it only needs to be put in strategic places where it would otherwise pile up in the road. It typically is so cold and dry when it snows that snow does not stick to the roads like how it ices over with California snow.