Sunday, June 27, 2010


So now Im working 40 hours a week. Whew. Its a new thing for me. Being with kids for 8 hours....I love kids. A lot. I think they're funny, personable, and each of them has their one thing that makes me as a teacher able to connect to them. Heres the thing. Even when I was subbing I was never with them for 8 hours. I would get there, have an hour to prep, greet the kids, spend the morning together working intensely on projects, have a breather during recess and spend some time getting recharged for the next phase  and so get the picture. 8 hours with 15 kids with high levels of need is a new gig. I can definately use your thoughts, prayers and encouragement in giving these kids the love, encouragement, and energy they need from me as their educator and caretaker.

On another note, after a long day of work, when getting ready to mix up a nice batch of onion dip look what a pleasant suprise I found under the lid of our sour cream. I can't say it didn't make me smile. Im kind of a sucker for good marketing. I'll be the first to admit it.

Our "N" wall is growing. Some of the pictures need to be filled in, but Im liking how the collection is comming together. The next piece I hope to add is a 6 inch scrabble tile <check em out they're cool> and maybe someday I'll con my new brother in law Mark to make a big curly cue one out of wood! (I'm not very subtle am I.)

We've been having lots of fun playing with our new ice cream maker.  So far I've made a couple strawberry lime sorbet's, a Coffee Toffee ice cream for a play date with some of my co workers (inspired by Christa) and mint chocolate chip. Pictured below is all that's left of it. Im day dreaming of the next flavor to make.
I'm a little nervous about our oven because its kind of old and teeny tiny. Plus once again, we have no air conditioning so thats another thing that makes me heasitant to use the oven. A few days ago I made a roast in our crock pot and today I baked a quiche in our RED toaster oven! Isn't it glamourous?

Here's the finnished product! It has some hash browned potatoes and onion with Italian seasoning in the bottom, sauteed mushrooms and asparagus with some garlic salt, bacon, spinach and cheddar cheese. I followed the Better Homes and Gardens recipe called Spinach and Bacon Quiche for the egg mixture.
Some egg over flowed to underneath the crust and got shiny and hard, but that was my only "wish I'd done that better."


Jill said...

I bought Katie an "H" and "W" from that Etsy site for Christmas last year! They ARE very cool.

BB said...

That red is super cute! You can make me some quiche any day!

Grandma G said...

I can relate to being with kids (well, ONE kid) for 8-12 or so hours at a time. You being your YOUNG age with 15 kids is probably about equivalent to me being with my one at age 61. ;) I find it fun but exhausting! Physically and mentally. Are we close?

My thoughts and prayers are with you.....

I love your "N" wall! And those scrabble tiles are very cool! So is that red toaster oven. :) Yum on the quiche!

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Christa said...

Oh, yay! How did the ice cream turn out? Aaron said he wants that soon.