Sunday, June 27, 2010

Our Neighbors Stink.

Literally. Out of the 15 apartments on our side of the building over half of the residents smoke. We don't have air conditioning so then we're forced to decide: live with the heat, or live with the stink. Ick.

I used to think the worst kind of neighbor to have is a loud one who plays his/her base loudly and extra loudly on days you have migraines. Now... I know there are TWO worst kinds of neighbors to have.

I guess if we look on the bright side all of our neighbors are fairly quiet. Even with the windows open.


Grandma G said...

Oh, man... I would HATE that! I cannot tolerate cigarette smoke! I would seriously consider moving. Do you have a lease?

JHRME said...

7 months....which is TECHnically how long lukes internship is/how long we'll be here...