Sunday, August 15, 2010

tHat sMitten

Theres a baby boom. At least among our families and friends. (No we are not and do not plan to be expecting children for quite a long time.)
I have been frantically trying to catch up on special projects for these little bundles of joy.
(My appologies to those of you whose gifts are just means whatever I complete will probably fit longer, as your children will have gone through their first major growth spurt by the time they get their hand knit gift/quilt.)
These little booties went downstairs to the couple living in the apartment below us. (Ravelry Pattern Details)
They're having a little girl any day now! I tied them up with ribbons that coordinated to leave them on the door knob.

These are for Luke's baby cousin Beckham who was just born last week!
They left in the mail on Wednesday!
Ravelry details here and here.
I've finally purchased "Knit Mittens: 15 Cool Mittens to Keep You Warm" and think I will find it to be a solid addition to my library. It thouroughly explains so many things and last time I checked it out of the library I had so many things I wanted to do that when I finally returned it, the book was over 2 weeks late! Oops!


Grandma G said...
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Grandma G said...

Wonderful! Especially those tiny little mittens! I love 'em!

(Sorry for the double post.)