Friday, August 13, 2010

Bashed His Head In

Golf is supposed to be a non contact sport. So explain to me how my husbands head got bashed in.
Well okay he was giving a family lesson, leaned over to help the mom and the kid caught him with his follow through swing. I guess the kid got him pretty good because bone was exposed. The place he's working took him to the ER where he got 7 staples.
Luke's highlight of the day: two doctors and one nurse want Luke to give their kids lessons.

Here he is sticking his tongue out at me for making him sit in the light to get a good picture.
* Grandma G...I guess I can now compete with you for grossness!


Grandma G said...

OUCH!!! Yeah, I don't wanna see any more pics like that!

by George! said...

So is Luke now officially a 'knothead?'

Katie said...

Oh my! How terrible!