Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Get a Glimpse

of some of the hats I've been working on to put in my Etsy shop SOON! I'm waiting for a shipment of yarn that I need to finish before I can put all my items for sale. I know some of you are anxious, but I want to post them all at once. :) And yes, there will be more dino hats.

Top left: Navy and yellow dino hat, 100% wool purchased at a Palisade Farmers market, the seep were raised on the farm where they were shorn, the wool was carded on that very same farm, and the woman who owned the sheep then spun the wool and dyed it right there on that very same farm. Tell me that's not cool. Ribbing makes the hat stretchy to fit almost any size up to 22.5 inches.

Top Right: Wool and Mohair blend. The same yarn I used for Val's shrug minus koolaid dye. Super warm and cozy hat! There will be no cold getting through that one. Deep ribbing on this hat to make it snug. Fits up to 23 inches.

Bottom Right: 100% wool, Gray, two button stretchy. Will fit child or adult up to 23 inches.

Bottom left: Fading Cable Hat. Versatile Gray, 100% wool, very stretchy! Up to 23 inches. Dense and warm!

Middle: 100% Cotton, especially good for avoiding hat hair as this hat sort of sits loosely on top. Gray and sky blue. (North Carolina blue?) Little stem on top just for fun. (Luke judged me for it.)
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bigK said...

Jessica these are so cute!!

Anonymous said...

SHOD CUTE SWEETIE!! love the nature pix. I wore my sweater and smelled koolaid all day today :))

Anonymous said...

You're so talented!! thanks again for the adorable gifts for Gracie!

Grandma G said...

Wow, you've been busy! Great hats! Good luck with your shop... hope you'll be stocking a big inventory, 'cause I have a hunch they'll go fast!