Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Minor Rantings of a Newlywed

To be taken with a grain of salt.

Luke and I enjoy our technology. We each have a laptop, an iPod and with that, our earphones/earbuds so that when needed we can keep our technology noises to ourselves.

I really like my technology. I don't like to replace it, (unless upgrading, but even then I don't like to pay for it.) I don't think Luke likes to replace his either but he also doesn't like to neatly coil up the cords for his technology and put them in the same place. Especially not his earphones. Which is why we have like 4 broken pairs laying around our apartment.

Mine are in my technology spot ready and waiting for when I want them.

Recently I noticed that they have started to disappear. And reappear plugged into Luke's computer.

We had a conversation, agreeing that my 3 pairs were the unbroken pairs coiled on top of the DVD's and that he was to "let them be" and use his broken ones so mine don't get broken too, and I can always find at least one pair of mine.

Lo and behold, today, as I'm moving about our one bedroom apartment the ear buds plugged into Luke's computer are in the middle of the walkway. I walk over them a couple times...then I think to look closer. They're MINE! From the spot I put them in. The day after our conversation!!!

As soon as I bring it up he is immediately sheepish. It was blatant. Grrrr.

His reasoning: He knew exactly where they were.


Grandma G said...

Sounds like it's time to find yourself a secret hiding spot! ;)

girlyhurley said...

hehehe. . . . maybe you and Jason and me and Luke need to pair up. Ask Jason where the rake is. . . he gets annoyed with me! Enjoy married life!!! We are going on ten years and life is great!