Sunday, October 3, 2010

Science Sunday

We live in a one bedroom apartment with a standard, basic, no frills fridge/freezer. So we have ice cube trays. The other day when I went to get my ice I found this:
Our ice cube has an antenna. How? Why?


Grandma G said...

Aren't ice cubes SUPPOSED TO have antennas (antennae?)? All of mine do!


A strange phenomenon, indeed.

k said...

It was as if the water tried to leave BUT THEN FROZE.

I vote for Creepy.

Anonymous said...

Well i got a note from the little ice troll who lives in your fridge and he said he was going to do it to be funny. Valpal

Jamie said...

I have found a Lego man in one of my ice cubes before...but I'm pretty sure I know who did that one!