Saturday, October 2, 2010

International Hats

My friend Alex (au paire from Germany) brought clothes appropriate for the season she was to arrive in the US. For her Summer. Unfortunately for her, winter is coming! Eek! I took it upon myself to make her a winter hat!
 Then I found out my dear friend Cindy found a steal of a deal on an American Girl Doll to give to her grandaughter Charlotte for her birthday. Since I knew I would have some extra yarn, and LOVED making Alex's hat, I decided to make a doll size version. So now I have a German Girl Hat and an American Girl (Doll) Hat. imagination started to get to me...Charlotte's doll would need mittens! American Girl is all about the ensemble right?
 (Of course now I'm working on Alex's mittens haha.)

 I've got to say I had so much fun giving these to Charlotte! I confess I'm pretty happy with how they came out! AND with the fun I hope Charlotte has dressing up her new doll Molly!
 Aren't those kids cute! I just couldn't cut that happy little guy (Charlotte's brother Levi) out of the picture!


Grandma G said...

Cool! Oh, I guess I should say 'warm', huh? ;) Anyway, nice job... they look awesome! And yes, the kids ARE cute!

Soooo, when will you be stocking your Etsy shop with some of these great goodies?

Grandma G said...

P.S. I love your photography "props". :)

k said...

Whether on your blog or Cindy's--I almost always want to eat Levi and Charlotte. Oh my LANDS with the cuteness.

Also?--I've been mulling it over how creepy it would be to solicit a hat from you for Iris and Ezra. Your hats are so fabulously cute and warm-looking, and I would be willing to pay for the materials and the time and the shipping. Let me know what you think...