Friday, October 29, 2010

Where's Wanda

Our (Val's first then mine) friend Laura invited me to go look for a hat a socks for her Halloween costume. She had made plans to be Wanda, Waldo's Girlfriend. In my experience scoping out knit items in chain stores I knew that there wouldn't be too many striped items, let alone red and white stripes. She said she'd just wear a red or white beanie, and being the authenticator in this whole deal I just couldn't have that.

I also couldn't resist the challenge.

2 skeins of bulky yarn later (one red and one white) and I had this bad boy ready to go to San Francisco with her this morning.

Where's Wanda?

On another note, at lunch today with my friend who shall remain unnamed to avoid bashing, I started showing her pictures of my latest Etsy projects. She was going through the pictures and in a disbelieving voice says: "These are good Jess." Tsch. Ye of little faith.
On that note, check out my Etsy shop HERE!


Grandma G said...

So cute! Great job!

Anonymous said...

Omg so cute and funny!! Good work girls!!


laura said...

ahhhh sooo cute! you are by far the craftiest person i know, i forgot to send you a picture last night, everyone loved it!!