Sunday, December 12, 2010

2 Services and a Jewelry Show

Friday night I dreamed we were having another memorial service for my mom. It was a double service combined with that of a friend's brother's ex girlfriend. This ex girlfriend is very much alive. (Last I checked on facebook.)

The girlfriends service was first, and I was walking around handing out tissues and offering my condolences to everyone. Then it was moms service and I couldn't switch modes. Then at the end, instead of sharing memories of her or stories, we talked about her jewelry and how the pieces connected to her. The part that sticks out in my mind is someone saying "I remember her wearing those earrings at blah blah blah."

Its fuzzy. It's also weird. I'm classifying it as a nightmare because I don't want to dream it again. My not wanting to dream it again interfered with my falling asleep last night. My tolerance for not falling asleep is low.

Ps. I have a cold. I'm not sure if its a real one or if it's left overs from all the sniffling I did on Friday + lack of sleep. I'm hoping it goes away before work tomorrow. I'm being a genuine bum to get rest and healthy.