Sunday, December 12, 2010

Things One Might Find in Their Garage: How Friendly

Friendly. Friendly plastic is what I think we used to call it. I believe we were living at the Huntington House (my parents were serving as house parents at a home for developmentally disabled men on Huntington Blvd.) at the time my mom was deep into this phase. I even vaguely remember her having parties when her friends would come over and make things out of this stuff. You cut out your shapes, use a special glue to keep the layers together and bake it. Mom wore these two pins all the time at Christmas. Even when she wasn't making things out of the stuff any more. Only the tree survived our sorting. The moonlit scene didn't fit into the jewelry box squares.

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k said...

Oh my gosh. This weirdo plastic-stuff was big when I was in junior high. My best friend and I actually made Christmas gifts (pins for our bad early '90s sweaters) for one another.