Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Back Among The Living...almost.

I know that title sounds dire. It sort of felt dire. I wasn't quite at 100%  health before I came to Colorado Springs. I'd been having some ear nose and throat issues that I had thought I had kicked...I flew to Colorado...Luke picked me up at the Denver airport with a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory caramel chocolate apple in hand (the man knows how to woo.)
He brought me back to our apartment, which was cleaned VERY well, including an immaculate kitchen, fresh sheets and smelly candles.  He had put cheery Christmas lights in the window. (Warm ones folks, he put aside his love for the latest and greatest in Christmas lights cold looking LED, for my appreciation of warm hues.) We were in wedded bliss....
then, an airport full of germs and a huge change in climate and altitude later and the next morning  I was one sick puppy.
I pretty much didn't leave the apartment...or bed...until we left to be with Luke's family for Christmas.

Wait. I take it back. I made it to Target where I finally picked up one of these.
Solution goes in one nostril, fills the sinuses and flows out the other nostril taking with it all the disgusting mucus.
Gross I know.

I'd been hearing all the magical things it's been doing for other people though....could I get over my dislike for water up my nose (I plugged my nose with my fingers while on the swim team people) enough to get the mucous out of it?
When I made the comment that I'd like to use a pipe cleaner to get all the junk out I finally decided the water/solution would be a safer option.

I'm sooooo glad I decided to go this route. It was no miracle cure don't get me wrong but it(combined with meds, water and 12+ hours of sleep) gave my body a chance to start to get over the hump. Good thing Neola took pictures of our time in Grand Junction or the Christmas update to come soon would be sparse. But don't worry, updates are coming. Though they might be later than earlier as I'm still requiring 8 hours of sleep. I've decided just breathing in Colorado Springs is a full time job.


Grandma G said...

If you'd listened to Grandma G a long time ago, you wouldn't have had that problem in the first place. ;) Glad you're feeling better, though!!!

(BTW, you got the wrong stuff. Nasopure's better. ;) Can't be purchased at Target, though.)

Anonymous said...

Jessica, Happy you're feeling better. I've been using a similar product for 5 or 6 years. It might not be a miracle but in my case it comes close. For years I could count on a sinus headache, 8 days every month. I thought they were migraines. A friend suggested this when the antibiotics failed, and after about a week I was cured. Once a week maintainence treatment has kept me sinus pain free.... Now to find a similar cure for MM... Happy New Year.. FD

Grandma G said...

Oh, yeah... you should use it regularly (daily) as prevention! Not just after you get sick. :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see youre alive. Wheres your fone, i've been calling and texting you. Valpal