Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Poorly Documented Thanksgiving

I got to see Luke over Thanksgiving Break! I was Thankful! (We have no pictures to record this.)
Valerie and I were the primary preparers of Thanksgiving Dinner for 20 at Grandpa and Shan's house.
Here you can see the roasted turkey breasts in the back ground. The Mama Bird was still in the oven. If nothing else the turkeys were a beautiful golden color and that made me happy. (Forget about taste I just want it to look good! Important if you actually remember to take pictures.)

Below is a button bench we spotted on our (Me, Luke, Dad, Val, Uncle Alan, Aunt Kim) way back from the beach and the fantastic crepe restaurant we went to for lunch on Black Friday. There was a kindred spirit little girl, with her grown up, picking out her favorite buttons. That one, and that one, and that one... I told you she was a kindred spirit.
 Matt (Val's boyfriend) came to hang out with us too. I don't have any pictures of him either. I DO have a picture of their view of the yarn shop they waited at for a good 40 minutes while I scoped it out.


k said...

Um...ding dong! Very impressed about the cooking of golden turkeys! Nicely done.

Grandma G said...

What a cool bench!

I didn't do so well with the picture taking over Thanksgiving, either.

Good for you on the cooking! (I didn't have to cook much on T-giving, either. Yay for me! :) )

Hahaha... my word verification is "nobomp". :)