Wednesday, December 8, 2010

She's a Queen

Today "Aunt" Nancy, (truly Jennifer O's Aunt but Val and I call her that too now) the quilt framing expert of the North Fresno Church/Bethany Quilters came over to our apartment after morning quilting (1/2 day of subbing for me) to give a lesson on how to set up out quilt on a frame so we can hand quilt it.
Meet Aunt Nancy:
She shows up with a bag like Mary Poppins. She pulls out a measuring tape, and a ruler so we can get it all just so.  She hates being photographed. I snuck that one in when she wasn't looking.
 How many brunettes does it take to put in a pin? Two. Aunt Maggie and Val. Barb and Aunt Nancy are probably sharing a good eye roll. They're a lot more efficient than us!
 Debbie took some notes and even drew pictures so all the learners wont forget.
Meet the monstrosity in our living room. So exciting! Val and I have already spent over an hour on it!

This evening I hear Val on the phone talking to her boyfriend Matt. She started singing  "I am the crafting queen...." to the tune of Dancing Queen.
We're on an adventure! Its exciting people!
To top it off, my lesson went really well this morning at school and tutoring at church tonight was pulled off more or less without a hitch! Yesssss.


Anonymous said...

good thing that you are living with your sister then.... i think a place like a church is a much better area to set something like this up.

girlyhurley said...

This comment is for Luke. . .you better learn to live with it!! haha My husband is now used to my crafts set up in the living room or wherever there is room. Including when I hand quilted a quilt two years ago when we were in a VERY cramped living situation!

Can't wait to see the finished quilt!

Tanya said...

Love how you've finished off your 1930's! I'm so jealous of your lesson with Aunt Nancy...I heard that it was VERY helpful!