Monday, February 27, 2012

Last Week

Last Monday Aunt Maggie, Uncle Mike, Tanya, Kim and I all made the trek to Merced to have a delicious dinner at Dad and Cheri's new house.

Cheri made a great dinner with some much enjoyed special touches!

I've been dealing with many car repair adventures which have given me a chance to do some knitting!

And I squeezed in working on these lanyards Saturday morning. I like em! I'm contemplating the idea of making ric rac twists too!

I am loooooving 5th grade and my purse is often as pictured below. Full of books to share! We sometimes do book clubs at lunch!

Also why I love 5th grade: Girl Scouts!!! My cookies are here!!!!

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Jamie said...

Send me all the titles of those 5th grade books, please! If Audrey hasn't read 'em yet, she'll have some good ideas for summer! Just picked up the Penderwick Chronicles to read for her and me (and just finished the Percy Jackson series)!